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Marwa Gad

Managing Director & Board Member
Executive Member

  • Managing Director & Co-founder of Bookra;
  • Former Co-founder & Art Director of Barakah Agency.
  • Former Chief Architect of Yakootah in Canada.
  • MFA current student in Advertising.
  • Alumnus of the Faculty of Fine Arts in Cairo.

Ayah Elarief

Chairwoman & Board Member
Executive Member

  • Chairwoman, Business Manager, & Co-Founder of Bookra;
  • Former Co-founder & Business Manager of Barakah Agency.
  • Former Branch Manager of Yakootah in Canada.
  • PHD curent student & MFA holder in Egyptian Comics.
  • Alumnus of the Faculty of Fine Arts in Cairo.

Neveen Eltahri

Board Member
Non-Executive Member

  • Chairperson of 138 Pyramids;
  • Founder & Chairperson at Delta Shield for Investment and Delta Inspire;
  • Board Member EFSA, Egyptian American Enterprise Fund, Arab Moltaqa Investments, MOBINIL, Regina for Pasta;
  • She was also Egypt Country Representative of Royal Bank of Scotland.
  • Previously established Delta Group of Capital Market Companies (Delta EAB, ABN Delta, Delta Rasmala, Delta Financial Investments & Nuun Fund Services).
  • Beforehand Assistant to GM of Corporate Banking at Chase National Bank now CIB;
  • Previously Board Member of Egyptian Stock Exchange, Telecom Egypt, Banque Misr, GAFI & Egyptian Mortgage Finance Support Center, EGID, Arab Land Bank.
  • Alumnus of Harvard Business School & London Business School.

Ismail Tharwat

Board Member
Non-Executive Member

  • Managing Director & Board Member of Delta Inspire;
  • Former Head of SME Banking of IntesSanpaolo.
  • Former Director of the Commercial International Bank CIB.
  • Alumnus of the American University in Cairo.

Yasmine Nassar

Board Member
Non-Executive Member

    • Vice President of Delta Inspire;
    • Former City Manager in Dare'n'Deal.
    • Former Business Analyst in McKinsey & Company.
    • Alumnus of the American University in Cairo.

    Sherif Eldiwany

    Board Member
    Non-Executive Member

    • Shareholder in Documenta SL
    • Former Executive Director of The Egyptian Center for Economic Studies (ECES)
    • Former Senior Advisor on Business Innovation in the Eastern Mediterranean - EP Global Energy Ltd ("EPGE")
    • Former Managing Director at Unicon Consultant
    • Former Senior Director of the World Economic Forum
    • Former Founder and CEO of PII
    • Alumnus of the University of Houston.

    Youssef Assaad

    Board Member
    Non-Executive Member

    • Country Manager of Nabd (subsidiary of Waveline Media);
    • Former Sales Director of Waveline Media.
    • Digital Sales Director of PromoMedia Advertising & Production.
    • Sales Manager of Digicom - Future Media Company.
    • Sales Manager - Digital of Adline Media Network.
    • Alumnus of Modern Science and Arts University