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About us

Bookra is an Edutainment Joint-stock company that was merged from the founders of Barakah Agency & 138 Pyramids in October 2015 where the first was established in Giza in September 2010 as a partnership company.

Our mission is to make a positive difference in the lives of children and youth, They should be able to recognise, learn and articulate the importance of education and ethics through our amazing entertaining methods of learning from pre-school age to teenagers age.

Bookra aspects are divided into three major fields;  Animation Production, Educational development, & Advertising.

Bookra is your best choice for intellectual edutainment innovation.

We are a group of a devoted team with the standards of excellence in producing edutainment products that aim to teach the kids and youth in a fun and creative way that will give them a better education in an intellectual   and entertaining experience through our amazing products that compete with the international market. 

Bookra One Name, One Legend

Why us?

We provide a completely transparent process,fixed pricing and amazing revisions at every stage – script, mock ups, designs, storyboard and animation. All scripts, graphics and animation are produced by Bookra in a single Egypt based design office making your project easier to manage while providing close contact with the design team throughout the production process. 


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