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We are Bookra

One Name.. One Legend

Bookra provides an amazing portfolio of Animation
Production, Educational Development, & Advertising 

Our Services

Animation Production

Bookra’s experienced creative team offers superior design and production services across a broad spectrum of 2d & Digital animation services. We bring content to life for high-profile productions around the world.
It includes:
Storyboard/Concept art
Pre-vis/Design Art Direction
Layout/Keyframe Animation
Creative Editorial
Final Render

Educational Development

Bookra transforms academic insights into the daily practice of teaching.We work with governments or with clusters of schools to effect positive change. We deliver – and design – effective, far-reaching, sustainable education solutions.
It  includes:
Educational curriculums
Professional consultation
Support during educational change projects
Support in processing examination and assessment data


Bookra captures, organizes and analyzes advertising communications from around the world to provide clients with the best advertisment they need in a very creative solutions.
It includes:
Website content/building
Video production
Marketing Research